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Cord Strapping Dispensers

Cord Strapping Dispensers

Heavy Duty Carts For the Shop Floor

Lighten Employee Load with Cord Strapping Carts from Complete Packaging Products

A Cord Strapping Dispenser from Complete Packaging Products is essential for any cord strapping job. These dispensers will hold the strapping in place as you move from job to job and ease the payout of your strapping as it is being dispensed. The EP-3040 & 3045 strapping carts have two 10" wheels for maximum mobility. With plastic strapping weighing in at 25 to 55 pounds a coil, your personnel will love the ease of use of this durable, heavy duty strapping dispenser. We also carry an economy version that is a light weight with 6" tires for customers who don't band products as frequently or a stationary model if you band products in the same place.

At Complete Packaging Products, all our cord strapping carts come with an unmatched performance guarantee, and we strive to become your company’s first choice for all your packaging materials needs. Call today to order at 866-787-2790 or if you are in the area, visit our Troy location!

Part No.DescriptionWeight

3103EP-3015 OSC Lightweight Cord Strapping Dispenser (3", 6", 8" & 16"Core ID)44 lbs.$271.00
3104EP-3025 OSC Wall/Floor/Table Cord Strapping Dispenser (3" Core ID)26 lbs.$122.67
3105EP-3030 RW Wall Mount Cord Strapping Dispenser (3", 6" & 8" Core ID)37 lbs.$189.50
3113EP-3035 OSC Wall Mount Cord Strapping Dispenser (1 1/2", 3", 6" & 8" Core ID)28 lbs.$291.00
3140EP-3045 OSC Mobile Cord Strapping Dispenser (1 1/2, 3, 6 & 8" Core ID)47 lbs.$353.00
3141EP-3040 RW Mobile Cord Strapping Dispenser (1, 3, 6, 8" Core ID)55 lbs.$310.00
3142EP-3020 OSC Stationary Poly Cord Strapping Dispenser (3" Core) 8 lbs.$92.00