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Steel Strapping Seals

Steel Strapping Seals for Shipping


Our metal banding clips are always dependable and made from the best quality raw material. It’s important to know you’re buying top-quality seals and that our open, semi-open and closed steel seals will solve your many shipping challenges. If you need assistance selecting which steel banding clips are best for your job, our shipping experts are here to help you. Call today at 866-787-2790 and ship with confidence knowing your shipments get the best protection.

Types of Steel Strapping Seals:

Closed (Push-on) Seals:

Closed seals are used for strapping applications involving round or irregular shaped packages such as coils, pipe, coiled rod, etc. Strapping is used directly from the coil, threaded through the seal and formed into a “lasso” or slip loop which is then pulled hand tight around the package.

Magazine Seals:

The magazine seals are stacked together. This permits loading partial stacks into magazines of seal feed tools. Mostly used in combination strapping tools and power strapping machines.

Open/Semi-open (Snap-On) Seals:

Open seals are the most common type of seal used. They maintain strap alignment prior to tensioning the strap and are placed on the overlapping strap ends during or after tensioning. Use with Regular Duty Strapping sizes on flat surfaces primarily with a feed wheel tensioner.

Thread-On Seals:

Thread on seals must be threaded over the overlapping strap ends before tension tool is applied. Thread on steel seals are generally used on bales, bundles and larger strap sizes. This steel strapping seal is usable with 2” steel banding. This seal can be double notch or double crimp. Use with High Tensile Strapping sizes on flat surfaces primarily with a Windlass Tensioner.

Custom-Branded Seals! Make your mark!
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Closed (Pusher) Seals
Magazine Strapping Seals
Semi-Open, Open (Snap On) Seals
Thread-On Seals