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Woven Poly Cord Strapping

Woven Poly Cord Strapping | Complete Packaging Products


Introducing Woven Poly Cord Strapping from Complete Packaging Solutions—the ultimate solution for securing and bundling heavy-duty packages with ease and confidence. Our high-quality Woven Poly Cord Strapping offers exceptional strength, durability, and reliability to meet the demands of your toughest packaging challenges.

Why choose woven poly cord strapping? First and foremost, its superior strength makes it ideal for heavy-duty applications. Whether you need to secure large, bulky loads or irregularly shaped items, our woven poly cord strapping provides the strength and resilience required to keep your packages securely bound.

In addition to its strength, woven poly cord strapping offers excellent resistance against moisture, UV rays, and temperature variations. This ensures that your packages remain intact and protected during transportation, even in harsh weather conditions or challenging environments. With its resistance to abrasion and impact, this polyester cord strapping safeguards your goods against potential damage or shifting.

Advantages of Woven Polyester Cord Strapping

Check out our Plastic Strapping Guide to see if Woven Poly Cord Strapping fits your application.

Poly Woven Cord

Part No.WidthColorAvg. Break
Approx. LengthCoils
Per Skid
Per Box
Per Coil
1 Coil
4-11 Coils
12+ Coils

16011/2"White650 lbs.3900'48415 lbs.$79.65$76.47$73.28
16995/8"Orange1500 lbs.2000'54217 lbs.$99.00$95.04$91.08
16963/4"Orange2400 lbs.1650'54221 lbs.$97.65$93.75$89.84
16971"Orange3100 lbs.2500'27144 lbs.$135.00$129.60$124.20
16941 1/4"Orange3285 lbs.600'48412 lbs.$63.50$60.96$58.42
16081 1/2"Orange5400 lbs.600'48418 lbs.$61.00$58.56$56.12

Short Rolls of Poly Woven Cord

Part No.DescriptionWidthColorAvg. Break StrengthApprox. LengthWeight Per Coil
Price Per Coil

1601-600Woven Poly Cord-Short Roll1/2"White650 lbs.600'4 lbs.$18.65
1601-1500Woven Poly Cord1/2"White650 lbs.1500'7 lbs.$35.56
1699-250Woven Poly Cord-Short Roll5/8"Orange1500 lbs.250'3 lbs.$24.89
1696-250Woven Poly Cord-Short Roll3/4"Orange2400 lbs.250'4 lbs.$17.50
1697-200Woven Poly Cord-Short Roll1"Orange3100 lbs.200'3 lbs.$33.33
1698-200Woven Poly Cord-Short Roll1 1/4"Orange3285 lbs.200'4 lbs.$37.33
1608-200Woven Poly Cord-Short Roll1 1/2"Orange5400 lbs.200'6 lbs.$38.89

Poly Cord Tree Staking Material

Part No.WidthColorAvg. Break
Approx. LengthCoils
Per Skid
Per Box
Per Coil
Price Per Coil

16403/4"Green950 lbs.2100'48213 lbs.$117.85

Complete Woven Poly Cord Strapping Kit

Part No.StrappingPlastic BucklesToolsWeight

1625-343/4" x 250' Woven Cord Strapping100 3/4" Wire Buckles1/4 to 3/4" Economy Cord Tensioner11 lbs.$66.50
1614-121/2" x 1500' Woven Cord Strapping (Free Shipping!)100 1/2" Wire Buckles1/4 to 3/4" Economy Cord Tensioner15 lbs.$215.56
16215/8" x 250' Woven Cord Strapping100 5/8" Wire Buckles1/4" to 3/4" Economy Cord Tensioner15 lbs.$128.00
16203/4" x 250' Woven Cord Strapping100 3/4" Wire Buckles1/4 to 3/4" Economy Cord Tensioner17 lbs.$135.00
1623-man1" x 200' Woven Cord Strapping50 1" Wire Buckles5/8" to 1 1/2" HD Manual Cord Tensioner16 lbs.$146.89
1623-101" x 200' Woven Cord Strapping50 1" Wire Buckles5/8 to 1 1/2" HD Economy Cord Tensioner14.5 lbs.$396.60

At Complete Packaging Solutions, we offer a variety of woven poly cord strapping options to cater to your specific needs. With different widths, thicknesses, and break strengths available, we can help you select the right poly cord strapping for the weight and requirements of your packages. Our experts will assist you in finding the most cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or performance.

Woven Cord Strapping offers additional bi-directional strength and split resistance. Great in harsh environments for securing and bundling light to medium/duty loads. Heavy Duty Cord Strapping is a high-tensile product and can be used to replace steel banding. Metal and plastic industries use them in bundling heavy loads. The lumber industry prefers this banding over steel. There is never any rust, and it's cheaper and safer than steel banding.

Trust Complete Packaging Solutions for all your woven poly cord strapping needs. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive range of strapping options or to place your order. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with the secure and reliable packaging solutions you need for your business. Order today!