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Strapping Seals & Wire Strapping Buckles

High Quality Steel Strapping Seals

Complete Packaging Products carries only high-quality steel strapping seals and wire strapping buckles for both steel strapping and plastic strapping. Our banding clips are made from prime quality steel for proper joint efficiency and include a galvanized coating as a corrosion inhibitor. We guarantee that all suppliers meet or exceed manufacturing specifications. Our comprehensive line is sure to have everything to meet your strapping seals needs.

How to Find the Strapping Seal Type for Your Strapping Project:

There are several popular types of steel strapping seals and Complete Packaging Products carries them all. Below you can find the different types of strapping seals and when to use them.

  • Open, or snap-on, strapping seals are the most common type of strapping clips used. They maintain strap alignment prior to tensioning the strap and are placed on the overlapping strap ends during or after tensioning. Use these with regular duty strapping sizes on flat surfaces primarily with a feed wheel tensioner.
  • Closed, or pusher, strapping seals are used for strapping applications involving round or irregular shaped packages such as coils, pipe, coiled rod, etc… Strapping is used directly from the coil, threaded through the seal and formed into a “lasso” or slip loop, which is then pulled hand tight around the package.
  • Magazine seals are stacked together. This permits loading partial stacks into magazines of seal feed tools. These strapping steels are mostly used in combination strapping tools and power strapping machines.
  • Open serrated seals are manufactured with a toothed inner surface to increase friction between the strapping and strapping seal. These seals are made from plastic or prime quality galvanized steel. Open serrated seals are best used with combination tools and best suited with polyester strap and heavy duty polypropylene strap.

Skip the Strapping Seals and Try Wire Strapping Buckles

Wire strapping buckles are available in different styles so you can find a product that best suits your application. Strapping buckles can be tensioned by hand or with a tensioning tool. No sealing tools are required. Our strapping buckles are made from a low carbon, clean, bright wire and are phosphate coated or a bright finish. Strapping buckles are designed for easy threading and deliver the ultimate high load performance. They have outstanding slip resistance due to the self-lock feature that maximizes holding power.

Need help figuring out which strapping clips or buckles are for you? Call us at 866-787-2790 to have our packaging experts find the best strapping materials for shipping needs!