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WP-2 Windlass Pneumatic Steel Tensioner

Signode WP-2 Windlass Pneumatic Steel Tensioner - 3939

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Part Number: 3939
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WP-2 Windlass Pneumatic Steel Tensioner- 3939

Part No.Description
3939WP-2 Windlass Pneumatic Steel Tensioner$10,995.00
  • Mfg. No: 023070
  • Strap Width: 2" (50 mm)
  • Strap Thickness: up to .044" (1.12 mm)
  • Tension: Up to 8,000 lbs.
  • Sealing Type: 2 Inch Thread Seal
  • Non Returnable
  • Non Refundable
  • Weight: 23 lbs
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The Signode WP-2 windlass pneumatic steel tensioner takes most of the effort out of strapping large or compressible packages. This tension strapping tool also makes tensioning uniform and precise through adjustment of the air pressure regulator. The WP-2 strapping tool is designed for 2” steel strap. Pneumatic banding tensioners assure a high tension level with little effort and this windlass banding tool pulls more tension than any other. Air powered For use with 2” steel banding High tension capabilities.

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