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Bulk Quantity Boat/Industrial Shrink Wrap

Strong Protective Covers for Winterization

Initially conceived for the winterization of boats and yachts, high-strength plastic wrap is extremely clean and very resistant, providing optimum protection during the winter months as well as proper storage for boat manufacturers. It features high shrinkage levels as well as high resistance to burn-through. Available in blue and white. Use White shrink wrap for most shrink wrapping applications. White reflects heat and stays tight in all weather conditions. Great for transporting. White will reflect heat and keep your boat or products at a constant temperature minimizing moisture buildup or condensation. Blue works best in high snow accumulation areas because it absorbs heat and will allow snow to slip off. Do not use blue for transportation or in milder climates because the heat absorption properties will cause the film to loosen up and overheat your product.

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Part No. Roll Size (W x L) Application MIL Weight/Roll Rolls Per Skid
Price Per Roll
Price Per Skid
5612B-SK 12' x 149' Fishing Boats, Runabouts 7 61 lbs. 10 $170.05 $1700.50
5613-SK 14' x 213' Fishing Boats, Runabouts 7 106 lbs. 8 $286.43 $2291.44
5616-SK 17' x 110' Pontoon Boats 7 72 lbs. 8 $186.50 $1492.00
5619B-SK 18' x 200' Large Pontoon Boats 7 140 lbs. 8 $350.55 $2804.40
5620-SK 20' x 89' Charter Fishing Boats 7 117 lbs. 8 $199.64 $1597.12
5623-SK 26' x 100' Cabin Cruisers w/ Arches 7 97 lbs. 8 $240.00 $1920.00
5628-SK 28' x 114' Charter Fishing Boats 7 117 lbs. 8 $322.67 $2581.36