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With the average coil of steel strapping weighing in at approximately 100 pounds, help your warehouse or loading dock workers save their backs with heavy duty strapping dispensers from our online store. Your personnel will love this durable, heavy duty banding cart. For more information on metal strapping dispensers or other packaging products, call us today at 866-787-2790!

Lighten Employee Load with Steel Strapping Dispensers Carts from Complete Packaging Products

  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy Duty Capacity

At Complete Packaging Products, our entire banding tool selection comes with an unmatched performance guarantee, and we strive to become your company’s first choice for all your shipping needs. Call today to order at 866-787-2790 or if you are in the area, visit our Troy location! We ship anywhere in the continental US and offer next day delivery in SE Michigan.

Part No. Description Weight

3107 EP-3340 Portable Dispenser Cart for RW Steel Strapping (Up to 1 1/4") 61 lbs. $443.06
3108 EP-3080 Portable Dispenser Cart for RD OSC Steel or Plastic Strapping w/Brake Arm 61 lbs. $321.20
3114 EP-3350 Portable Dispenser Cart for RW Steel Strapping 75 lbs. $463.99
3120 EP-3100 Portable Dispenser Cart for OSC Steel or Plastic Strapping 58 lbs. $417.25
3133 EP-3065 Floor Mount Cobra Dispenser for Ribbon Wound Steel Strap 160 lbs. $1,487.45
3134 EP-3200 HD Strapping Dispenser w/Troller (OSC) 63 lbs. $393.49
3135 MIP-6850 HD Multi-Coil Cart for RW Steel Strapping (3/4", 1-1/4", 2") 71 lbs. $467.00
3050 MIP-5200 OSC Steel or Poly Strapping Dispenser (3/8" - 3/4") 58 lbs. $445.00
3051 MIP-6250 Portable Cart for RW Steel Strapping 3/4" to 1 1/4" 66 lbs. $430.00
3137 MIP-8300 Floor Mount Dispenser for OSC Steel Strap with Safety Cover 41 lbs. $429.00
3156 Signode DH-1-114 Dispenser for RW 1 1/4" Steel Strapping 46 lbs. $689.00
3157 Signode DC-1A Multi-Coil Dispenser for RW 3/4" - 2" Steel Strapping 97 lbs. $2678.00

Cart Dispenser Accessories

Part No. Description Weight

3158 Signode Portable Coil Lifter 210 lbs. $5,857.00