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TYPE 316 Dispensers & Buckles

Type 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Strapping contains molybdenum which increases general corrosion resistance, improves the resistance to pitting from chloride ion solutions, and provides increased strength at elevated temperatures. While 316 is not completely rust-proof, the alloy is more corrosion-resistant than other common stainless steels. 316 Stainless steel banding is very common along coastlines (for signs or decorations), or in refrigeration applications.

Complete Packaging Products has bulk quantities of stainless steel strapping products. All stainless steel strapping is made in the USA. Our premium quality Stainless Steel Strapping is made to withstand the effects of extreme indoor and outdoor conditions, include resistance to salts, chemicals, moisture, UV rays, and extreme high and low temperatures. Only with Complete Packaging Products’ stainless steel strapping products can you rest assured that your items will be secure in extreme conditions.

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  • Orders between 2 - 5 Coils will receive 5% OFF
  • Orders of 6 or more Coils will receive 10% OFF

Complete Packaging Products is the industry expert for all your stainless steel strapping and packaging needs. Avoid risking your shipment with lesser quality steel banding tools and rest assured in our top quality products. Call us at 866-787-2790 and we will solve your metal strapping needs!


Part No. Description Size Thickness Avg. Break
Length Weight
Per Coil
1 Coil
2-5 Coils
6+ Coils
1072 Stainless Steel Mini-Coil 1/2" .030" 1500 lbs. 100' 5 lbs. $98.40 $93.48 $88.56 OSC
1071 Stainless Steel Mini-Coil 5/8" .030" 1875 lbs. 100' 6 lbs. $103.87 $98.68 $93.48 OSC
1070 Stainless Steel Mini-Coil 3/4" .030" 2250 lbs. 100' 9 lbs. $116.58 $110.75 $104.92 OSC


Part No. Fits Strapping
Box Qty. Weight
Per Box
1 Box
2-5 Boxes
6+ Boxes

2005-316 1/2" 100 4 lbs. $94.55 $89.82 $85.10
2093-316 3/4" 100 4 lbs. $63.06 $59.91 $56.75