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Miscellaneous Strapping Accessories

Miscellaneous Strapping Accessories | Complete Packaging Products

At Complete Packaging Products, we offer a comprehensive selection of miscellaneous strapping accessories to complement your strapping needs and enhance the efficiency and safety of your packaging operations. From wire strapping staples to anti-skid plates, we've got your packing and shipping supply needs covered.

At Complete Packaging Products, we strive to become your company’s first choice for all your shipping needs. Call today if the product that you are looking for is not in our online catalog at 866-787-2790. Only our most frequently ordered products are listed here, but can we quickly fill all “non-stocked” parts because our extensive supply chain provides “just in time” delivery. We ship anywhere in the continental US and offer next day free delivery for all orders over $1500.00 to most areas in the continental US.

The Stake Pocket Protector is used on a truck or rail car to protect against sharp edges. Anti-Skid Plates are a simple and inexpensive device that reduces product movement in trailers or railcars. The anti-skid plate is best suited for heavy loads. Our tag attachment clips are used to securely hang on rebar, rod or pipes so you can easily ID your products. Compared to using simple wire, they are a more safe and durable way to attach tags to bundles or coils of industrial products for inventory and transportation uses, especially reinforcement bars.

Part No.LengthDescriptionGaugeBox Qty.Weight
Per Box
Per Skid
1 Box

27004 7/8"Anti-Skid Plate 3 3/8" X 4 7/8"0.04520040 lbs.N/A$110.00
454822x50mmSteel Tag Attachment Clips0.0604,00023 lbs.N/A$338.00
27013" x 7"Stake Pocket ProtectorN/A20057 lbs.N/A$51.00
27022.5" x 6"Stake Pocket ProtectorN/A40054 lbs.N/A$200.27
2143L1 1/4"Intersection SealN/A50026 lbs.48$236.85


Part No.Strap SizeBoxes Per SkidWeight per Box
1 Box
2-3 Boxes
4-9 Boxes
10+ Boxes

45121 1/4"4855 lbs.$246.38$238.99$234.06$221.74
45253/4"4852 lbs.$282.62$274.14$268.49$254.36

Wire Strapping Staples: Our wire strapping staples are designed to securely fasten or terminate your strapping. They provide reliable reinforcement to ensure that your strapping remains intact during transit and storage. Made from high-quality materials, our wire strapping staples offer durability and strength, making them ideal for various industrial applications.

Stake Pocket Protector: Stake pockets on trucks and trailers are prone to damage from loose strapping or abrasive loads. Our stake pocket protectors provide a protective barrier that prevents strapping from snagging or wearing down the stake pockets. With our stake pocket protectors, you can prolong the lifespan of your stake pockets, reduce maintenance costs, and avoid potential accidents caused by damaged or compromised stake pockets.

Anti-Skid Plates: When shipping or storing heavy loads on pallets, preventing slippage is crucial for maintaining stability and preventing accidents. Our anti-skid plates are designed with a textured surface that provides an additional layer of traction between the load and the pallet. They help to minimize load movement and ensure that your goods stay securely in place, reducing the risk of damage and promoting workplace safety.

These miscellaneous strapping accessories from Complete Packaging Products are chosen for their quality, effectiveness, and compatibility with various strapping applications. By utilizing these strapping accessories, you can optimize your strapping operations, improve load stability, and protect your cargo from potential damage.

In addition to wire strapping staples, stake pocket protectors, and anti-skid plates, we also offer a range of other miscellaneous strapping accessories designed to address specific strapping requirements and provide complete solutions for your packaging needs.

When it comes to miscellaneous strapping accessories, trust Complete Packaging Products to deliver reliable and high-quality products. Our knowledgeable team is available to provide expert guidance in choosing the right accessories for your specific applications. Contact us today to explore our wide selection of miscellaneous strapping accessories and experience the difference in quality and service.