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Miscellaneous Strapping Accessories

Steel Attachment Tags, Anti Skid Plates and Stake Protectors

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Part No. Strap Size Length Description Gauge Box Qty. Weight
Per Box
Per Skid
1 Box

2700 N/A 4 7/8" Anti-Skid Plate 3 3/8" X 4 7/8" 0.045 200 46 lbs. N/A $75.00
4548 N/A 22x50mm Steel Tag Attachment Clips 0.060 5,000 35 lbs. N/A $48.00
2701 N/A 3" x 7" Stake Pocket Protector N/A 200 57 lbs. N/A $110.00
2702 N/A 2.5" x 6" Stake Pocket Protector N/A 400 55 lbs. N/A $152.62