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Pallet Rubber Bands

Pallet Rubber Bands

Secure pallet covers, tarps and sheeting.

Economical, reusable and designed for quickly securing pallet covers

  • Made in the USA
  • Durable rubber bands stretch 200-300%
  • Orders of 1 case or more will receive 10% off

Pallet Bands are Large Rubber Bands that are the perfect product for use in your warehouse facilities. If, like so many companies today, you are always looking for new ways to reduce your carbon footprint while improving the efficiency of your warehouse operations and reducing costs. Pallet Bands enable you to do just that! Pallet Bands offer a low cost, reusable and environmentally friendly means of securing pallet loads within the warehousing facility.

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Part No.DescriptionWidthCircumferenceWeightCase Quantity
1 Case

6500EP-5034 Pallet Rubber Bands1 Inch34 Inches24 lbs.12 Bags (144)$227.00
6501EP-5056 Pallet Rubber Bands3/4 Inch56 Inches22 lbs.12 Bags (144)$261.00
6502EP-5072 Pallet Rubber Bands3/4 Inch72 Inches26 lbs.12 Bags (144)$275.00
6503EP-5084 Pallet Rubber Bands3/4 Inch84 Inches48 lbs.12 Bags (144)$334.00
6504EP-5092 Pallet Rubber Bands3/4 Inch92 Inches60 lbs.12 Bags (144)$314.00
6505EP-5292 Pallet Rubber Bands7/8 Inch92 Inches60 lbs.12 Bags (144)$428.00
6506EP-5484 Pallet Rubber Bands1 3/4 Inch84 Inches50 lbs.10 Bags (100)$384.00
6507EP-5492 Pallet Rubber Bands1 1/2 Inch92 Inches50 lbs.10 Bags (100)$425.00