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Steel Strapping for Packages, Pallets, and More

Used for bundling and reinforcing packaged shipments | Made in North America

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Used for bundling and reinforcing packaged shipments, steel strapping is Complete Packaging Products' specialty. We carry only steel banding made in North America. Signode and DuBose are our primary suppliers. We stock a wide selection of metal strapping including regular duty, high tensile and portable steel strapping so you can safely and easily ship pallets of all sizes and weights. Our regular duty steel strapping kits are made from cold-rolled steel with exacting standards and a commitment to quality you can trust. High tensile steel package strapping is rated for heavier loads and more intense shocks through heat-treatment during manufacturing. Our standard steel banding features a painted and waxed black finish.

Interested in saving the saving the environment? Steel banding is the "green" choice. It will decompose in the ground in approximately 50 years but plastic banding may take up to a 1000 years to decay. Buy Steel Banding and Go Green!

Need advice on what metal strapping to use? The steel banding experts at Complete Packaging Products are ready to assist you. Call us between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST at 248-616-0571. Don't get pallet strapping advice from companies who specialize in office supplies. For all of your steel strapping needs, Complete Packaging Products is here to provide you with top brand products and expert advice.