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Plastic Strapping Materials for Any Job

At Complete Packaging Products we offer a full range of banding equipment, including plastic banding tools for use in a broad range of applications. Our sealless combo banding tools are Swiss engineered by Orgapak and Fromm. Combination tools eliminate the need for separate, fixed-use, single-purpose tools, and sealless combination tools can increase seal joint efficiency for your packaging. Other plastic pallet strapping tools include Windlass tensioners and sealers. We also carry material handling carts designed for use with plastic strapping products -- they're sturdy, mobile, and specifically made to make your job easier.

Each type of plastic strapping kit is designed for ergonomics and safety for a particular plastic strapping situation. Look for steel banding equipment? Visit our steel strapping tools page for everything you need to get started with steel banding. Ensure your success and safety by calling us at 866-787-2790 to speak to a packaging expert and find the best plastic strapping tools for you! Check out our Plastic Strapping Guide to see if Plastic Strapping fits your application.