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Paper Packaging, Cushioning Materials, Coil Separators, Heavy Duty Tools


Keep your coils evenly spaced for safe on-stacking. Complete Packaging Products is happy to carry plastic coil separators to make the job easier. Unlike their wood and paper counterparts, our plastic coil separators are stronger, more durable, and resistant to problems like moisture damage and uneven sizing. Our plastic coil separators are used to separate coils of slit steel during shipping. Allows for easy non-slip handling without suffering from moisture damage, dust, or splintering like wood or pressed paper separators. Plastic spacers can support heavy loads, and they feature uniform thickness throughout. Depth of segmented cuts may vary.


No matter what you require, Complete Packaging Products has the tools for you. Each type of tool is designed for ergonomics and safety for a particular situation. Ensure your success and safety by calling us at 866-787-2790 to speak to an packaging industry expert.


Our comprehensive line of bubble wraps, packaging foam and more are sure to have everything to meet your cushioning material needs. We have most sizes in stock of our foam packaging and cushioning materials, ready for immediate shipment.

Paper Packaging

At Complete Packaging Products, we carry a full array of paper packaging products for use in packaging and shipping. Need to wrap your shipment or protect layers of strapping from moisture and vapor seepage? Use our kraft paper vapor barriers, poly-coated kraft paper sheets, or corrugated barriers for maximum strength, durability, and protection!

Pallet Rubber Bands

Pallet Bands are Large Rubber Bands that are the perfect product for use in your warehouse facilities. If, like so many companies today, you are always looking for new ways to reduce your carbon footprint while improving the efficiency of your warehouse operations and reducing costs.

Utility Knives

Complete Packaging Products stocks a full range of Utility Knives that will fit your budget and needs. For any project, trust our packaging products to get the job done. We guarantee that all suppliers meet or exceed manufacturing specifications.