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Your one-stop solution for all packaging material and supply needs! Complete Packaging Products (CPP) is a distributor of final packaging and goods transportation security products. All online products listed are stocked in our Troy, MI warehouse for same or next day shipping. Our products are purchased from top manufacturers who guarantee the highest performance and safety. Most orders ship the next-day to anywhere in the continental U.S. We offer free delivery on most orders that exceed $1500.00 to most places in the continental USA. If you prefer to pick-up our Troy warehouse hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday-Friday.

We've been serving businesses since 1999, and have decades of experience in the final packaging and strapping industry. CPP stocks only prime materials from select manufacturers. Our products meet all ASTM and AAR specifications were applicable. Our online website only contains the most commonly used products. If you don’t see it on the web site call us at 866-787-2790.

We specialize in wholesale packaging supplies including:

Steel Strapping

Used for bundling and reinforcing packaged shipments, Steel Strapping is Complete Packaging Products' specialty. We offer Steel Strapping in Regular Duty and High Tensile strength, as well as Portable versions. The standard finish is painted and waxed.

Plastic Strapping

We carry polyester, polypropylene and poly cord strap. Polyester is a viable alternative to steel strapping in the brick, lumber and textile industries. Polyester provides excellent retained tension to stay tight on rigid loads. Its recovery properties help a load absorb impact without strap breakage and remain rust-free. Polypropylene strap is designed for light to medium duty bundling, palletizing and unitizing. Polypropylene is the most economical type of plastic strap and is adequate in many applications. Poly cord Strapping is constructed of high-strength polyester with increased elastic properties, offering reliable elasticity and strength for your light-to-heavy duty bundling, tying and unitizing applications.

Coil Separators

Complete Packaging Products is a supplier of plastic coil separators made from molded recycled plastic. Unlike their wood and paper counterparts, our plastic coil separators are stronger, more durable, and resistant to problems like sap, moisture damage and uneven sizing.

Strapping Seals and Buckles

Complete Packaging Products carries a complete line of regular, heavy duty and magazine steel and plastic strapping seals. Seal selection is determined by the type of tool or machine that applies the strapping. Our strapping seals are made from prime quality steel for proper joint efficiency and include a galvanized coating as a corrosion inhibitor.

Stretch Film

The packing industry experts at Complete Packaging Products carry the best Stretch Wrap on the market to keep your bundled packages from shifting or falling during shipping. Whether you’re transporting pallets of pavers for hardscape designs, several small cartons or anything in between, our Stretch Film is flexible and durable enough to support any bundle.

Tape & Accessories

Featuring Carton, Masking, Filament and Specialty Tape, Complete Packaging Products is proud to offer top of the market adhesive products. Edge or stake protectors, staples or intersection seals are carried, too.

Steel Strapping Tools

Complete Packaging Products offers a full range of Steel Strapping Tools that will fit your budget and needs. We also carry material handling carts designed for use with steel strapping products -- they're sturdy, mobile, and specifically made to make your job easier. Three tool systems (tensioner, sealer and cutter) may work better on certain applications or a combination tool will eliminate the need for separate, fixed-use single-purpose tools, without the cost of seals. If ergonomics are a concern, pneumatic steel strapping tools are easy to use and are durable.

Plastic Strapping Tools

Complete Packaging Products offers a full range of Plastic and Cord Strapping Tools for use in a broad range of applications. Our Sealless Combo Tools are Swiss Engineered by Orgapak and Fromm. Combination tools eliminate the need for separate, fixed-use single-purpose tools, and sealless combination tools can increase seal joint efficiency for your packaging. Other strapping hand tools include Windlass Tensioners and Sealers. We also carry material handling carts designed for use with plastic strapping products -- they're sturdy, mobile, and specifically made to make your job easier.

Paper Products

At Complete Packaging Products, we carry a full array of paper products for use in packaging and shipping. Need to wrap your shipment or protect layers of strapping from moisture and vapor seepage? Use our kraft paper vapor barriers, poly-coated kraft paper sheets, or corrugated barriers for maximum strength, durability, and protection!

Cushioning Products

Designed with high quality, Complete Packaging Products, Bubble Wrap and Foam Cushioning are the best on the market. Made with economical nylon barrier layer and Micro foam, we have all sizes in stock, ready for immediate shipment.