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Polyester Strapping

A Flexible Alternative to Steel Strapping

One of the strongest plastic strapping products is polyester (PET) strapping. Polyester banding work as an alternative to other strapping for specific industries such as brick, lumber and textiles. A crucial benefit of polyester strapping is that it will stay tight on rigid loads while still absorbing impact without snapping due to the polyester strap’s specific tension properties. This is important when packaging and shipping certain materials that are dense or rigid in structure. Dense or rigid material strapped with steel banding is at risk of breaking or snapping because it does not have the elongation properties of polyester strapping. With a polyester strap, you don’t have to worry about the security of your goods.

Here at Complete Packaging Products, we are proud to offer only the best polyester strapping for your shipment, delivery and storage needs. Our polyester strapping provides:

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