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Paper Packaging Products

Paper Shipping Products


At Complete Packaging Products, we carry a full array of paper packaging products for use in packaging and shipping. Need to wrap your shipment or protect layers of strapping from moisture and vapor seepage? Use our Kraft paper vapor barriers, Kraft Linerboard, or corrugated barriers for maximum strength, durability, and protection! With our protective packaging paper, you don’t have to worry about your packages being damages while in transit. These materials are specifically designed to keep your packages tightly sealed and stopping any moisture or liquids from bleeding in. They are also incredibly simple to use so there’s no need to worry about spending time to figure things out.

Have questions about our packaging paper supplies? Call us at 866-787-2790 to speak with a strapping and packaging expert who can help you decide the products that will fill your needs. We’re certain to have packaging paper equipment that more than meets your needs.

Single Faced Corrugated Flexible Paper
Kraft Paper Vapor Barrier
Scrim Paper
Kraft Linerboard
Butcher Paper
Freezer Paper