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Stretch Film Supplies & Boat/Industrial Shrink Wrap

keep your bundled packages from shifting or falling during shipping

The packaging industry experts at Complete Packaging Products only carry packaging shrink wrap and stretch film that is made in the USA to keep your bundled packages from shifting or falling during shipping. This a critical step in palletizing your loads and protecting your products during transport. Ensure that you don't lose out on important shipments due to water damage or debris by using our wrapping products.

Whether you’re transporting pallets of pavers for hardscape designs, several small cartons or anything in between, our pallet wrap supplies flexible and durable enough to support any bundle. To find more information about all of our stretch wrap products or to place an order, give us a call at 866-787-2790 today.

Stretch Film

Complete Packaging Products carries the best stretch film on the market to keep your bundled packages from shifting or falling during shipping. With the low associated costs, energy expenditure, and capability of being applied in numerous ways, stretch film is an economically efficient method for palletizing loads. We offer hand, machine and disposable stretch wrap as well as dispensers to prepare you for any packaging challenge.

Boat/Industrial Shrink Wrap

Complete Packaging Products now carries a full range of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) shrink wrap used for transport, storage and export of heavy, fragile or unstable loads. The material is fabricated with exacting specifications, giving it the ability to shrink when exposed to a heat source. The shrinkage allows the wrap to snuggly hold onto materials being shipped and keep them in place. Trust our LDPE shrink wrap to keep your products safe from adverse conditions or risks during transport and storage.

Complete Packaging Products is here to provide you with top brand products and expert advice on all of your packaging needs. Call us between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM EST at 866-787-2790.