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Black Annealed Box Wire

Box Wire

Black Annealed Box Wire

Box Wire is perfect for any industry including recycling, building materials, facility maintenance, agriculture and even at home. Frequently used in single or double RAM and auto tie-balers, black annealed baler wire is available in 10, 11,12 and 14.5 gauge thicknesses. Dark in color and lightly oiled, our black annealed box wire is also available in a dry finish.

Part No.DescriptionAvg. Break StrengthApprox. LengthBoxes Per SkidWeight
1-3 Cases
4+ Cases
Price Per Skid
600410 Gauge 1028' Black Annealed Box Wire925 lbs.1028'4553 lbs.$87.50$73.71
600510 Gauge 2057' Black Annealed Box Wire925 lbs.2057'36100 lbs.$161.54$135.69
600611 Gauge 1291' Black Annealed Box Wire750 lbs.1291'4553 lbs.$87.50$73.71
600711 Gauge 2582' Black Annealed Box Wire750 lbs.2582'36100 lbs.$161.54$135.69
600812 Gauge 1684' Black Annealed Box Wire575 lbs.1684'4553 lbs.$87.50$73.71
600912 Gauge 3368' Black Annealed Box Wire575 lbs.3368'36100 lbs.$123.87$104.05