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Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene Banding


PP strapping is the economical banding option for light duty unitizing, palletizing and bundling. Our polypropylene banding is embossed for strengthened seal joints and increased split resistance. PP banding offers higher elongation and elongation recovery properties to ensure secure packaging for shipping and storage. PP banding is lightweight which can help reduce shipping costs. It's a great choice when flexibility is needed, and it can be recycled.

Polypropylene banding does have some drawbacks. It has a poor ability to retain tension. It is not UV resistant so it can breakdown over time, and it is not as water resistant as other materials. Short term exposure to water is fine but if it is exposed long-term another banding material will work better.

Polypropylene Strapping from Complete Packaging Products can be used by hand, with tools or automatic machine. It can be applied manually (ideal for low and moderate volume users) or with an automated strapping machine. Secure pp strapping with serrated seals, open & closed clips or buckles. No seals or buckles are required if you use an automatic machine. Choose from a wide selection of gauges and sizes and let us help you find only the best type of plastic strapping for your shipment requirements. We also carry a PP strapping kit that includes everything you need to get started with polypropylene strapping today! If you need more information, we are here to answer all of your questions. Give us a call at 866-787-2790 today!
Check out our Plastic Strapping Guide to see if PP Banding fits your application.

Hand Grade

Part No.WidthColorCore SizeAvg. Break StrengthApprox. LengthBoxes
Per Skid
Per Coil
1-2 Coils
3-11 Coils
12 -27 Coils

15091/2"Black16" x 6"300 lbs.9000'28 26 lbs.$66.10$63.46$60.81
15141/2"Black16" x 6"500 lbs.7200'2830 lbs.$65.45$62.83$60.21
15181/2"Black16" x 6"600 lbs.7200'28 34 lbs.$57.48$55.18$52.88

Machine Grade

Part No.WidthColorCore SizeAvg. Break StrengthApprox. LengthBoxes
Per Skid
Weight Per Coil
1-2 Coils
3-11 Coils
12 -27 Coils

15311/2"White8" x 8"350 lbs.9900'3129 lbs.$64.99$62.39$59.79
15321/2"White9" x 8"400 lbs.9900'28 26 lbs.$96.75$92.88$89.01
15503/8"White9" x 8"300 lbs.12,900'30 27 lbs.$85.25$81.84$78.43
15513/8"White8" x 8"300 lbs.12,900'28 31 lbs.$59.95$57.55$55.15

Handistrap Kit

Part No.StrappingPlastic BucklesToolsWeight
15003000' 1/2" Polypropylene300 1/2" WireManual Strap Tensioner and Cutter12 lbs.$72.05