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GatorLASH Heavy Load Containment System


AAR Approved Heavy Load Containment System that is a cost effective alternative to chains, ratchet straps and steel banding

GatorLASH® Heavy Duty Woven Cord Polyester Lashing is designed to secure heavy and irregularly shaped loads onto flatcars, flat racks, gondolas, flatbeds, rail-cars and boxcars. Great in harsh environments. Some advantages of GatorLASH® include:

  • Cut-to-length so it eliminates waste
  • Woven polyester construction is naturally shock absorbing. Will not break, split or crack
  • Easy to use and may be re-tensioned
  • Fast application with one tool
  • ASTM D3950 independent lab certified
  • AAR aproved for rail securement
  • Conforms to the requirements pf multiple regulatory agencies
  • Customize your lashing with your company name, logo or message

Click this link to see if GatorLASH® is strong enough for your application.

GatorLASH® Flexible Woven Lashing

Part No.WidthColorAvg. Break
Approx. LengthCoils
Per Skid
Per Box
Per Coil
Price Per Coil

16281 1/4"Orange5,100 lbs.835'24128 lbs.$ 123.94
16291 5/8"Orange7,700 lbs.670'24130 lbs.$ 172.67
16301 5/8"Orange11,000 lbs.670'24142 lbs.$ 241.80
16312"Orange15,000 lbs.500'24148 lbs.$ 275.07

GatorLASH® Windlass Tensioning Tools

Part No.DescriptionStrap SizeWeight

3464Windlass Cord HD TensionerUp to 1 5/8"8 lbs.$515.00
3466Pneumatic Cord TensionerUp to 1 1/4"7 lbs.$4,333.33
3467Pneumatic Cord TensionerUp to 2"10 lbs.$6,493.50
3468Battery Cord TensionerUp to 2"10 lbs.$6,240.00

Cord Strapping Tools

Part No.DescriptionStrap SizeWeight

3829Heavy Duty Windlass Cord Tensioner1 1/2" to 2"12.2 lbs.$1429.20
3830Heavy Duty Windlass Cord Tensioner1/2" to 3/4"4 lbs.$258.00

GatorLASH® Heavy Duty Buckles and Hooks

Part No.Strap SizeBuckle TypeBox QtyWeight
Per Box
Per Skid
1 Box
2-3 Boxes
4-9 Boxes
10+ Boxes

21001 5/8"GatorGRIP Ladder Hooks3042 lbs.100$146.39$140.53$133.21$125.90
21012"GatorGRIP Ladder Hooks3061 lbs.100$146.00$140.19$132.86$125.56
20991 5/8"Ladder Buckles3019 lbs.100$122.22$117.33$111.22$105.11
21061 5/8"GatorGRIP Ladder Buckles3038 lbs.48$139.50$133.92$126.95$119.97
21072"Ladder Buckles3026 lbs.48$132.00$126.72
2108 2"GatorGRIP Ladder Buckles3051 lbs.48$150.00$144.00$136.50$129.00
2109 2"GatorLASH Zinc Hook3017 lbs.100$87.18$83.69$79.33$74.97