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Installation Supplies

Installation Supplies for Shrink Wrapping

Accessories used for shrink wrapping

We carry all of the accessories required to shrink wrap your boat or shrink bag. Enter your shrink wrapped boat to make repairs or remove forgotten items with a zippered access door. Ventilation of shrink wrap is important. Vents remove unwanted moisture and air from under covers, dock boxes and more. Heat shrink tape is designed to tape seams, patch holes and secure zipper access doors. Woven Poly Cord Strapping creates a perimeter band to go around the boat or a pallet holding the cover securely in place.

  • Zipper Access Doors
  • Self Adhesive Weather Tight Vents
  • Wind Powered Self Adhesive Weather Tight Vents
  • Heat Shrink Tape
  • Woven Cord Strapping

Part No.Size (W x L)Description
563030" x 36"Zipper Access Door$19.00
563130" x 48"Zipper Access Door$21.50
563236" x 72"Zipper Access Door$52.00
56334" x 5"Self Adhesive Weather Tight Vent$2.56
56354" x 5"Wind Powered Self Adhesive Weather Tight Vent$8.50
5637AllVent Self Adhesive Round Airlette$2.76
56395" x 7.4"White Self Piercing Lightning Vent$2.39
56563.5" x 5"6 Pack Scoop Vent$3.48
16011/2" x 3900'Woven Poly Cord Strapping$79.65
1601-6001/2" x 600'Woven Poly Cord Strapping (Short Roll)$18.65
1601-15001/2" x 1500'Woven Poly Cord Strapping$35.56
31031/2"Lightweight Poly/Cord Strapping Cart$194.20
31421/2"Stationary Poly Cord Strapping Dispenser$68.85
56536" x 6" x 2"End Cap DS-CAP$2.00
56549" Round x 2"Rhino Cap DS-RCAP$4.00
565520" DiameterSuper Cap DS-SUPERCAP$7.50

Heat Shrink Tape

Part No.Size (W x L)Description
43002" x 108’White 2" x 108’Heat Shrink Tape$8.48
43014" x 108’White 4" x 108’Heat Shrink Tape$16.50
43042" x 180’White 2" x 180’Heat Shrink Tape$18.25
4300b2" x 180’Blue 2" x 180’Heat Shrink Tape$14.71
4301b4" x 180’Blue 4" x 180’Heat Shrink Tape$29.50