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Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film

Made in the USA

The packaging industry experts at Complete Packaging Products, carry the best Machine Stretch Film on the market to keep your bundled packages from shifting or falling during shipping.

All of the stretch wrap we carry for machine applications is Cast Stretch Film because it's quieter then blown film. In addition it is not coated so it will not gum up your automated equipment. Cast Stretch Film is manufactured using a continuous process by which a thermoplastic material is melted and extruded through a flat die onto a chill roll. That is why cast film has excellent clarity, it is easier to stretch and unwinds quietly.

Whether you’re transporting pallets of pavers for hardscape designs, several small cartons or anything in between, our Pallet Wrap is flexible and durable enough to support any bundle. To find more information about all of our Stretch Wrap products or to place an order, give us a call 866-787-2790 today.

We offer discount pricing for skid quantities!

Cast Machine Length

Part No.DescriptionSizeGaugeLoad StrengthRolls Per SkidWeight
1-2 Rolls
3-5 Rolls
6-9 Rolls
10+ Rolls

4101Cast Machine Length20" x 4000'1204000 lbs.4041 lbs.$83.85$81.33$78.82$76.30
4117Cast Machine Length20" x 5000'802500 lbs.4036 lbs.$68.75$66.69$64.63$62.56
4118Cast Machine Length30" x 6000'802500 lbs.2058 lbs.$128.38$124.53$120.68$116.83
4119Cast Machine Length20" x 5000'903000 lbs.4036 lbs.$85.75$83.18$80.61$78.03
4156Cast Machine Length20" x 6500'702000 lbs.4036 lbs.$121.70$118.05$114.40$110.75