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Hand Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Film

Made in the USA

The packaging industry experts at Complete Packaging Products carry the best Hand Stretch Film on the market to keep your bundled packages from shifting or falling during shipping. We offer Cast, Blown, and Engineered Pre-Stretch Film so you are prepared for every packaging challenge. All stretch film is made in the USA. Many imported products make false claims about the gauge, width or length. Always check the product weight to make sure you are getting what you paid for.

Which type of Hand Stretch Wrap works best depends on the type of load you are trying to wrap. Below is a brief analysis so you can make an informed decision.

Hand Cast Stretch Wrap

Cast Stretch Film is extruded in a continuous process and is cooled rapidly. The film that is produced.has excellent clarity, quiet when unwound and is easier to stretch. The manufacturing process is cheaper for cast so the cost is cheaper than blown. Works best when the load being wrapped is a square or rectangular shape. Cast is a superior product for machine use because it's quiet and leaves no residue. Two sided cling. Less likely to stick to other pallets during transport.

Hand Blown Stretch Wrap

Blown Stretch Film is manufactured using a blown extrusion process where film is gradually cooled by air. This process makes blown film tougher and harder to stretch than cast but it also causes the film to look dull and hazy. Blown film has memory so it more likely to shrink back to its original shape making it better for load retention. It has a single sided cling so it will not stick to the product only itself. Blown Stretch film works best with odd sized and pyramidal shaped loads. Best used on hand applications because very loud when it is unwound.

Engineered Pre-Stretch Film

These lightweight rolls are easy to use because you walk forward when wrapping your pallet instead of backwards. Engineered Pre-Stretch is a great low cost solution for lightweight loads or inter plant transfer.

Whether you’re transporting pallets of pavers for hardscape designs, several small cartons or anything in between, our Pallet Wrap is flexible and durable enough to support any bundle. To find more information about all of our Stretch Wrap products or to place an order, give us a call 866-787-2790 today.

We offer discount pricing for skid quantities!

Cast Disposable & Good Wrapper Style Film

Part No.DescriptionSizeGaugeLoad StrengthRolls Per CaseWeight
1-2 Cases
3-5 Cases
6-9 Cases
10+ Case

4144Mini Wrap - 3" Core3" x 1000'802500 lbs.1819 lbs.$49.20$47.72$46.25$44.77
4138Mini Wrap - 3" Core3" x 1000'903000 lbs.1821 lbs.$52.70$51.12$49.54$47.96
4141Mini Wrap - 3" Core5" x 1000'802500 lbs.1221 lbs.$54.50$52.87$51.23$49.60
4140Mini Wrap - 3" Core5" x 1000'903000 lbs.1224 lbs.$53.75$52.14$50.53$48.91
4102Cast Hand Wrap18" x 1500'652000 lbs.432 lbs.$63.53$61.52$59.72$57.81
4112Cast Hand Wrap18" x 1500'702000 lbs.437 lbs.$64.52$62.58$60.65$58.71
4113Cast Hand Wrap18" x 1500'802500 lbs.440 lbs.$72.00$69.84$67.68$65.52
4114Cast Hand Wrap18" x 1500'903000 lbs.444 lbs.$88.57$85.91$83.26$80.60
4108Cast Hand Wrap18" x 1000'1204000 lbs.441 lbs.$75.45$73.19$70.92$68.66
4104Cast - Good Wrapper Style20" x 1000'802500 lbs.426 lbs.$71.90$69.74$67.59$65.43

Pre-Stretch Stretch Wrap (Skid Orders Only)

Part No.DescriptionSizeGaugeMicronCases Per Skid Weight
Price Per Skid

4111Pre-Stretch Hand Wrap15" x 1500'348.564992 lbs.$1904.00

Hand Blown Stretch Wrap (Skid Quantity only)

Part No.DescriptionSizeGaugeCases Per Skid Weight
Price Per Skid

4105BBlown12" x 1500'80481344 lbs.$2906.50
4109BBlown15" x 1500'80481344 lbs.$2927.50
4113BBlown18" x 1500'80481992 lbs.$3435.10
4114BBlown18" x 1500'90481945 lbs.$3864.25