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Plastic Strapping Seals & Buckles

Plastic Strapping Seals & Buckles


OurPlastic Strapping Seals at Complete Packaging Products bite into your strapping and don’tlet go. To ensure positive joint strength on all types of poly, polyester and poly cord strapping, our strapping seals along withapplicable strapping sealer are used to form crimp joints. Crimp joints are formed by compressing the plastic strapping sealonto overlapping strap ends. The holding power of the joint is generated by friction betweenthe strap and the seal. They’re made with strong high quality raw materials and engineered toget the job done right, every time. We only sell dependable plastic strapping seals made for fasteningtough loads. It’s important to know you’re buying top-quality seals and our Plastic Strapping Open Seals and Serrated Plastic Strapping Seals will solve your many shipping challenges.

Call ourprofessionals will help you get the job done right, so call us today at 866-787-2790. Complete Packaging Products is always available to give advice so you can feel confident that your shipment will arrive safely. We only recommend and use plastic strapping is AAR certified for your employees and your customers safety. Can your current plastic strapping distributor make that statement?

Plastic Strapping Seals

Part No. SizeSeal TypeGaugeBox Qty.Weight Per BoxBoxes Per Skid
1 Box
2-3 Boxes
4-9 Boxes
10+ Boxes

20723/8" x 1.25"Semi-Open.02010008 lbs.200$40.91$39.27$37.23$33.55
20701/2" x 1.25"Semi-Open.020200020 lbs.100$70.03$67.23$63.73$57.42
20735/8" x 1.25"Semi-Open.020100012 lbs.100$50.38$48.36$45.85$41.31
20813/4" x 1.25"Semi-Open.020100016 lbs.100$47.88$45.96$43.57$39.26
20911/2" x 1.25"Semi-Open Serrated.030100014 lbs.150$90.12$86.52$82.01$73.90
21675/8" x 1.25"Semi-Open Serrated.038100021 lbs.100$112.17$107.68$102.07$91.98
21703/4" x 1.25"Semi-Open Serrated.046100040 lbs.100$235.35$225.94$214.17$192.99
21711/2" x 1.125" Pusher/Closed Serrated.030100017 lbs.60$100.65$96.63$91.59$82.53
21725/8" x 1.125" Pusher/Closed Serrated.030100019 lbs.60$107.00$102.72$97.374 in stock
21733/4" x 1.125" Pusher/Closed Serrated.030100020 lbs.60$191.65$183.98$174.40$157.15
20565/8" x 1.625"Serratable.042100030 lbs.60$134.76$129.37$122.63$110.50
20533/4" x 1.625"Serratable.042100036 lbs.60$134.56$129.18$122.45$110.34
20481/2" x 3/4"Snap-On Grit.030310037 lbs.N/A$292.90$281.18$266.54$240.18
20571/2"Semi-Open.031100010 lbs.N/A$89.95N/AN/AN/A
21101/2"Semi-Open Serrated.031100015 lbs.N/A$63.79$61.24$58.05$52.31
21115/8"Semi-Open Serrated.031100015 lbs.N/A$76.50$73.44$69.62$62.73
21123/4"Semi-Open Serrated.031100015 lbs.N/A$130.79$125.56$119.02$107.25

Plastic Strapping Buckles

Part No.Strap SizeBuckle TypeBuckle GaugeFinish/ColorBox QtyWeight
Per Box
Per Skid
1 Box
2-3 Boxes
4-9 Boxes
10+ Boxes
20791/4" to 1/2"NLD Wire Buckles0.096CLN BRT100012 lbs.200$25.05$24.05$22.80$20.54
2079-1001/4" to 1/2"NLD Wire Buckles0.096CLN BRT1001.2 lbs.N/A$6.25$6.00$ 5.69$ 5.13
2079A1/4" to 1/2"SHD Wire Buckles0.120CLN BRT100015 lbs.150$32.30$31.01$29.39$26.49