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High Tensile Steel Strapping

High-Tensile Steel Strapping For Heavy Loads

Made in North America

Meets all ASTM and AAR standards

Our heavy duty steel strapping is the perfect banding material solution for heavy packaging loads in need of high shock resistance. At Complete Packaging Products, we carry high carbon steel strapping that is heat-treated to produce a combination of high strength and elongation (stretch) for optimum shock resistance. This high tensile metal strapping pallet banding material is typically used in unitizing, compressed fiber bales, securing heavy steel coils and open-top rail car and trailer loading. This type of strapping strength affords extra protection under all strapping conditions.

Interested in saving the saving the environment? Steel banding is the "green" choice. It will decompose in the ground in approximately 50 years but plastic banding may take up to a 1000 years to decay. Buy Steel Banding and Go Green!

This high tensile metal banding for pallets comes in a variety of sizes and meets all ASTM and AAR specifications. Order just a few coils or save by purchasing in bulk. For any questions related to inventory or needed recommendations, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Our experts will gladly assist you in any way possible.

Steel Strapping Quantity Discounts:

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Part No.WidthAvg. Break StrengthApprox. LengthCoils Per SkidWeight per Coil
1 Coil
2-5 Coils
6+ Coils
10175/8" x .020"1855 lbs.2471'12105 lbs.$162.08$155.60$142.63OSC
10195/8" x .023"2130 lbs.2148'12105 lbs.$162.08$155.60$142.63OSC
10263/4" x .020"2230 lbs.2059'12105 lbs.$162.08$155.60$142.63OSC
10323/4" x .025"2675 lbs.1647'12105 lbs.$162.08$155.60$142.63OSC
10383/4" x .029"3205 lbs.1396'3275 lbs.$132.50$127.20$116.60RW
10603/4" x .031"3305 lbs.1328'12105 lbs.$162.08$155.60$142.63OSC
10621 1/4" x .025"4620 lbs.988'20105 lbs.$162.08$155.60$142.63RW
10571 1/4" x .029"5530 lbs.851'24105 lbs.$162.08$155.60$142.63RW
10421 1/4" x .031"5620 lbs.797'20105 lbs.$162.08$155.60$142.63RW
10471 1/4" x .044"7900 lbs.589'20110 lbs.$162.08$155.60$142.63RW
10531 1/4" x .035"6655 lbs.706'20105 lbs.$162.08$155.60$142.63RW
10552" x .044"12900 lbs.351'15123 lbs.$162.08$155.60$142.63RW

Automatic Strapping Machine High Tensile Steel Strapping

Part No.WidthAvg. Break StrengthApprox. LengthCoils Per SkidWeight per Coil
1 Skid
1057-2M1 1/4" x .029"5530 lbs.14000'22000 lbs.$7200.00OSC