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Signode Pneumatic Steel Strapping Tools

Signode Pneumatic Steel Strapping Tools for Shipping


When working with high volume and unusually shaped loads, pneumatic air banding tools are necessities. Pneumatic steel strapping tools will help keep your shipping pallet uniform and ideally tensioned.

Complete Packaging Products carries a wide line of pneumatic tools for steel strapping that have unmatched performance and durability. Are you working with an unusual pallet shape? Try a Signode pneumatic strapping tool for use with tubes, wires, coils and other round packages. Our metal strapping pneumatic tensioners are lightweight and easy to operate.

Call today to order at 866-787-2790 or visit us at our Troy location. We ship anywhere in the continental US and offer next day delivery in SE Michigan.

Lead time is 3-4 weeks on Signode tools.

Signode Pneumatic Tensioners

Part No.DescriptionStrap SizeTensileWeight
3938Signode HN-1-114 Feed Wheel Pneumatic Steel Tensioner1 1/4"0.029" - 0.044"18 lbs.$7150.00
3222Signode PN2-114 Pneumatic Feedwheel Tensioner3/4" to 1 1/4"0.020" - 0.044"8 lbs.$3500.00
3223Signode PN2-2 Pneumatic Tensioner2".044" Max8 lbs.$4025.00
3939Signode WP-2 Windlass Pneumatic Tensioner2".044" Max23 lbs.$10,995.00

Signode Pneumatic Sealers

Part No.DescriptionStrap SizeTensileWeight
3537-34Signode RCNS2-34 Pneumatic Sealer3/4"0.025" - 0.031"6.4 lbs.$1995.00
3537-114Signode RCNS2-114 Pneumatic Sealer1 1/4"0.025" - 0.031"9 lbs.$1860.00
3538Signode N-1444-50LSH Pneumatic Sealer1 1/4"0.025" - 0.050"22 lbs.$4765.00
3539Signode NSP-1435 Pneumatic Sealer1 1/4"0.029" - 0.035"9 lbs.$3268.00

Signode Pneumatic Combination Tools

Part No.DescriptionStrap SizeTensileWeight
3270-34Signode AMP-1-34 Pneumatic Combo Tool3/4"0.020" - 0.025"22 lbs.$9,025.00
3233Signode AHP2-114 Pneumatic Combo Tool1 1/4"0.025" - 0.035"40 lbs.$9,835.00
3229-12Signode PNSC-2-12 Pneumatic Combo Tool1/2"0.017" - 0.023"10 lbs.$3,662.50
3229-58Signode PNSC-2-58 Pneumatic Combo Tool5/8"0.017" - 0.023"10 lbs.$3,662.50
3229-34Signode PNSC-2-34 Pneumatic Combo Tool3/4"0.017" - 0.025"10 lbs.$3,662.50
3272-34Signode PRHM-34 Pneumatic Combo Tool3/4"0.025" - 0.031"16 lbs.$5,926.00
3273-34Signode PRHR-34 Pneumatic Combo Tool3/4"0.025" - 0.035"34 lbs.$6,295.00
3273-114Signode PRHR-114 Pneumatic Combo Tool1 1/4"0.025" - 0.035"34 lbs.$6,835.00