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Shrinkfast Shrink Gun & Accessories

Shrinkfast Model 998

998 Shrink Gun & Accessories

  • UL and CE approved heat gun and accessories
  • Made with pride in Newport, New Hampshire, USA
  • Lightweight and powerful - lets you wrap and protect quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Complete Packaging Products is an authorized distributor of Shrinkfast 998 Series Propane / Natural Gas Heat Gun and related accessories. Made in the USA this gun is lighter and 15% more powerful than its competitors. Work faster, safer, smarter, and more efficiently with the Shrinkfast UL and CE approved system.

We carry the full line of parts, tools, hoses, and accessories for your Shrinkfast Model 998! Ensure your success and safety by calling us to speak to an packaging industry expert for advice or information on anything shrink wrap!
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Shrinkfast Model 998 Propane Shrink Gun

Part No.DescriptionShrink Film GaugePowerTool Weight

3575Shrinkfast Model 998 Propane Gas Heat Gun3 to 10 mil 212,000 BTUs 2.2 lbs.$649.00

Extensions System For Shrinkfast 998

Part No.DescriptionExtension Length Weight
35786 Foot Shrinkfast Extension
75 Degree Angle
6 feet10 lbs.$450.00
3579 4 Foot Shrinkfast Extension
75 Degree Angle
4 feet5 lbs.$433.33
3580 2 Foot Shrinkfast Extension
75 Degree Angle
2 feet4 lbs.$416.67
3581 2 Foot Shrinkfast Extension
0 Degree Angle
2 feet3 lbs.$200.00

Shrinkfast 998 Gun Accessories, Parts, Tools

Part No.Description Weight
3582 Arm Assist Clip (for use with extensions)2 lbs.$105.00
3583 Combustor4 lbs.$148.33
3584 Quick Disconnect - Heat Tool End1 lb.$61.67
3585 Quick Disconnect - Regulator End1 lb.$61.67
3586 Training CD1 lb.$9.17
3587 Training CD / Manual Combo2 lb.$18.33
3588 Rebuild Kit14 lbs.$292.00