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Utility Knives

Utility Knives

Retractable Knives, Slide Knives, Dispensers and Specialty Cutters

Complete Packaging Products stocks a full range of Utility Knives that will fit your budget and needs. For any project, trust our packaging products to get the job done. We guarantee that all suppliers meet or exceed manufacturing specifications. Our comprehensive line is sure to have everything to meet your Utility Knife needs so if you don't see what you are looking for on our online catalog give us a call. Complete Packaging Products is the industry expert for all your packaging needs. We have products from top U.S. manufacturers and are prepared to answer any questions you might have.

Each type of tool is designed for ergonomics and safety for a particular situation. Ensure your success and safety by calling us at 866-787-2790 to speak to an packaging industry expert and find the best tools for you!

Retractable Knives

Part No.DescriptionCase QuantityWeight
1 Case

3129Encore EP-120 Retractable Translucent Knife485 lbs.$85.00
3144Encore EP-190 Retractable Knife with Scoring Wheel1249 lbs.$86.88
3159Encore EP-200 Retractable Classic Design Heavy Duty Metal Knife1247 lbs.$62.16
3160Encore EP-210 Retractable Steel Knife with Rubber Casing129 lbs.$72.12
3165Encore EP-230 Heavy-Duty Self-Retracting Safety Knife1227 lbs.$91.00
3166Encore EP-240 Self-Retracting Safety Knife1229 lbs.$81.72
3167Encore EP-250 Heavy-Duty Self-Retracting Safety Knife1235 lbs.$86.88
3168 Encore EP-255 Top Actuated Locking Knife1224 lbs.$82.20
3173 Encore EP-270 Tap Knife1211 lbs.$12.72

Snap-off Knives

Part No.DescriptionCase QuantityWeight
1 Case

3127Encore EP-100 Retractable Thin Snap off Knife6030 lbs.$60.00
3128Encore EP-110 Retractable Standard-Duty Snap off Knife6063 lbs.$64.86
3130Encore EP-140 Retractable Heavy-Duty Snap off Knife2444 lbs.$54.24
3131Encore EP-150 Standard Duty Thin Snap-off Safety Knife1219 lbs.$50.52
3132Encore EP-160 Heavy-Duty Snap-off Safety Knife1226 lbs.$99.84
3143Encore EP-180 Retractable Extra-Heavy Duty Snap-off Knife2447 lbs.$55.68

Specialty Cutters

Part No.DescriptionCase QuantityWeight
1 Case

3161Encore EP-212 Dual Hook Knife1030 lbs.$13.50
3162Encore EP-215 T-Style Rotary Cutter1214 lbs.$79.32
3163Encore EP-220 Specialty Cutter - Hook Knife3630 lbs.$118.80
3164Encore EP-225 Safety Carton Opener127 lbs.$61.20
3121Encore EP-260 Specialty Cutter-Slide Knife1223 lbs.$129.48
3169 Encore EP-265 Slide Knife1225 lbs.$275.16
3174 Encore EP-290 Folding Knife1245 lbs.$117.60

Blade Dispensers

Part No.DescriptionDispenser QuantityWeight

3122 Encore EP-280 Blade Dispenser100 per dispenser Case of 62 lbs.$67.00
3123 Encore EP-260B Replacement Blade Dispenser10.5 lbs.$17.61